Software / SAAS

Complex software, SAAS, service design, booking systems, e-commerce, back-office, employee portals, bespoke CMSs 

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B2B Marketplace System

A large-scale project in the MENA region needed to set up a B2B marketplace in order to fulfil the project

I designed intersecting solutions for the owner-operator, third-party merchants and purchasers, as part of a complex bid response 

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iSalon Eco System

Over the past few decades, SSSL have been making a range of retail, business management, and booking software used by SMBs and their customers

I was hired to instil a UX and Design function, in what had been a Developer-led organisation. I was tasked with leading the company’s new future vision, by architecting their all-new connected eco-system of web products

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Command Centre

SSSL had separate desktop applications but wanted a modernised way to replace these

I spearheaded 0>1 product development to plan out and design the company's next-generation software from scratch. Here I architected the design of a single web application, that managed to combine and reimagine all functions. I built the designs in HTML and in a small development team we launched the MVP in ReactJS. This became the company’s primary, fully mature and multiple-featured product, used across EMEA.

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Retail Till EPOS Redesign

One of SSSL's primary products has been an industry leading specialist retail till software, used over the past few decades by thousands of stores, salons and hotels

I led a UX UI audit to assess their most established product. I distilled the customer feedback and research to discover insights. I then transformed/evolved the global design so all functions would be easier to learn, make it more app-like to use, and operate on new custom ergonomic touchscreen hardware

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Business Set Up Console

Each business was set up and maintained via complicated database processes that only a few Developers could do

I designed a time-saving web interface that let different departments gain visibility and perform the majority of actions with ease

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CRM and Customer Profile

In a complex business management software, users found client management area was complicated to use

I designed a new CRM list optimised for first glance searches. And for each customer profile, I designed a dashboard-like overview, with social media style history timeline


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Marketing Automations

Using a previous system, we found that customers were repeating their client marketing tasks manually, and some times, on an individual basis 

I designed a marketing system with built-in SMS / email builder. Segmentations includes ready-to-use popular presets or custom tasks that could be run individually and saved for later use, along with repeat / schedule functions

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Report Analytics

Business managers wanted a way to run a variety of reports, on an ad-hoc, weekly or monthly process 

I designed a flexible, tactile data analytics tool, where users can select from a range of popular report presets, or make custom reports. Each report could show key facts highlights, data visualisation, and if needed, complex data table manipulation. 

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Appointment Planner

A complex appointment planner used by businesses, needed to cope with differing numbers of users

I designed a scalable, visual appointment planner, and reimagined how primary and secondary functions would work

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Bookings Website CMS

Each business user usually had bespoke requests for their website and/or bookings system 

I designed an intuitive CMS that let owners easily change a variety of e-commerce settings, and of course their website appearance

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Search improvements

Similar screens had differing versions of search faciliites but the underlying data wasn't fully available 

I designed a consistent and unified search UI, related filters and search results - working with the Developers to link in relevant data 


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Stock Manager

Businesses would manually search for stock from different catalogues

I designed a centralised stock catalogue across various suppliers. And for businesses I created a portal for them to manage their on-site stock and pre-orders

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Software Updater

A Windows application was quite inconvenient to update, as this needed to be done in-person or remotely by technicians

Collaborating with Development, I devised a time-saving process to pre-download installer updates and inform the owner to install when convenient, or book in a technician

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Software Preferences

A complex software had over 150 configuration settings, but even Product Specialists weren't sure on what to adjust

I worked with stakeholders to understand each configuration setting. I then used card sorting and UX writing approaches to simplify and redesign this fundamental area

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Marina Software

An established software company wanted to redesign their application

Working with stakeholders, I ran a UX UI audit, to see what improvements could be made, while being feasible with the unique codebase

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CX Processes

Information collection for producing iOS, Android app and web design for clients, was collated by non-designers, which sometimes led to confusion on both sides

I took a service design approach to organise the 'hot potato' briefing and handover process between us and the client - so it would also work with our CRM

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