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User Experience + User Interface + Digital Product + Visual Design + Web + Ecommerce + Marketing + Apps + Software + HMI + Illustration + Animation

Hello, my name is Nirm.

I am a creative, visual, user-focussed interface designer based in Gatwick.

With twenty one years experience, I have worked on award-winning digital projects at creative, marketing and UX agencies, software companies and on a contracted-out consultant basis.

I have often been the first designer so have been able to assess and set-up a visual design and user experience capability within those organisations.

I have worked on an enviable list of start-ups, household brand names, manufacturers, global clients, corporations and world-famous entertainers.

Sectors include: Technology, Software, Financial, Insurance, Government, Corporate, Manufacturers, Electronics, Telecoms, Petrochemeicals, EPOS, Retail, FMCGs, Retails, Music, Entertainment, Games, Healthcare, Education, Travel & Charities.

Get in touch to find out more about projects and work examples.

Design for Digital/Offline:

Design for products using a user-centred-design process.

I use facilitation, research and insight to help find ways to solve problems and provide solutions.

I specialise in user experience, interaction, digital and product design on projects.

Customer-facing apps, customer appointment booking, ordering and management.

Mobile-first responsive websites, mobile-commerce, e-commerce projects.

Ecommerce flows, filters, optimisation, product detail pages and mobile-focussed checkout.

Cloud-based software, static websites, websites using CMS systems such as Wordpress and Drupal.

Design and architecture for complex business, CRM and back-office systems, reporting solutions

Data heavy products, search filters and data visualisation.

Creating inituive systems for white-labelled design, content templates, and publishing.

I have a particular interest with interface animation, motion graphics, animation and video.

Experienced in digital, vector and freehand design, illustration, brand work, typface and icon design.

Print design, advertising, posters, booklets, bound books, and apparel.

Vehicle livery, graphics, shop fascias and signage.

Design for Software/Hardware:

Design for installed applications for Windows.

Design for native iOS iPhone/iPad apps. Set up and hands-on testing via Xcode + Simulator. Publish to the App Store

Design for native Android apps. Set up and and hands-on testing via Android Studio + Emulator. Publish to the Play Store.

Game design concepts, graphics production, game engine usage, level design, play testing and interface elements.

Education projects along with printable activities for children to help develop motor-skills.

Touchscreen focussed design for in-store EPOS tills, customer facing kiosk systems, on specialist hardware.

Long term experience on multi-device design for web, software apps.

Working with soft/hard interface systems such as keyboards, electronics hardware and touchscreen.

I am really passionate about the intersection between design, technology, electronics and usability across digital and hardware.

I have an interest in vehicle, instrumentation, electronics, audio/visual and infotainment projects.

21 years design experience

13 years creative agency + 8 years in-house.

Creative agency work was both directly for clients and as digital partner to incumbent agencies.

Lead product designer for the iSalon suite of software and platforms.

Experienced in Agile, Waterfall, Lean and Sprint methodologies.

Voted as the inaugural 'Most Valued Player' in 2015, I attended the President's Club held in Jamaica.

Consultant UI/UX designer within Jonas Software's UK group.

Artworks / Illustrations

Featured and interviewed by the BBC, showcased by One Dot Zero, I have taken part in Director Q&As at the British Film Institute cited as a motion graphics festival highlight by Submarine and featured in Le Book too.

My visual diary illustration project is now in its 24th year. With almost 9,000 individual artwork images.

The artist book project and derived art pieces have been been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Artworks have been shown in galleries, schools, hospitals, corporate offices and universities.

Skills and Experience

  • Visual design
  • Digital transformation
  • Legacy and new software
  • Enterprise systems
  • Product, service systems
  • Responsive websites
  • Native and web apps
  • Product lifecycle
  • End-to-end design
  • Agile Scrum and Kanban
  • Lean UX approaches
  • Team/department lead
  • Account management, Jira
  • Product strategy
  • End-user research
  • Proto personas
  • Interviews, observations
  • Competitive reseach
  • Data insight to inform
  • Host collaborative design
  • Design Sprint approaches
  • Map user/service flows
  • Art direction
  • Design systems
  • Information architecture
  • Content layout
  • Concept drawings
  • Cintiq visualisation
  • Illustration
  • Surface design and vinyl
  • Typeface design
  • Icon set design
  • Game design
  • Motion graphics, animation
  • Video production
  • Design for print
  • Hands-on ideation, sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Mapping user flows
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Digital, paper prototypes
  • Physical and macquettes
  • High-fidelity visuals
  • Schematics, documentation
  • Multi-device design
  • Mobile-first design
  • Micro-copy
  • Grid systems
  • Ecommerce design
  • Semantic content layout
  • Accessibility
  • Responsive design and build
  • Design/Dev workflows
  • Flash/Animate
  • In-browser design/testing
  • Conversion rate optimisation
Native apps
  • Design for mobile/tablet
  • Touchscreens interactions
  • iOS app design
  • Xcode app testing
  • App Store publishing
  • Android app design
  • Android Studio app testing
  • Play Store publishing
  • Touchscreen usage
  • Multi-device design
  • Soft/hard physical input
  • Till, device, automotive
  • Dashboard display
  • Infotainment media
  • Video/audio players
  • Human factors, ergonomics
  • Voice interface
  • Usability testing
  • Human factors considerations
  • In-store EPOS system
  • M-commerce
  • SAAS, CRM software
  • Complex business software
  • iOS and Android booking apps

Clients include

Business software
  • Command Centre
  • iSalon
  • iBookings
  • miSalon
  • YourApp
  • Zuberri
  • A&M Hearing (Siemens)
  • Avaya
  • Dell Computers FS
  • Dell Imaging
  • GDF Suez
  • Insight Now
  • Nikon Cameras
  • Sandisk Europe
  • TME Thermometers
  • Wayne Kerr Electronics
  • KCom Internet
  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • CIT Group UK
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • esure
  • Churchill
  • Family Investments
  • First Alternative
  • Halifax
  • HMRC Inland Revenue
  • Money for Mums
  • More Than
  • PKF
  • Provident
  • RSA insurance Group
  • Sheilas' Wheels
  • Alvin Stardust
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Bombay Bicycle Music Club
  • Black Sabbath
  • Charlatans
  • Chase & Status
  • Cimorellis
  • David Gray
  • Demi Lovato
  • Doves
  • Duffy
  • Eminem
  • Jade Ewen
  • Goldfrapp
  • James Morrison
  • Jaya
  • Jedward
  • Jessie J
  • Justin Bieber
  • Kaiser Chiefs
  • Keane
  • Keri Hilson
  • Lady Gaga
  • McFly
  • Mike Oldfield
  • Mika
  • Mohombi
  • Morrissey
  • N-Dubz
  • Paul Weller
  • Rihanna
  • Rizzle Kicks
  • Ronan Keating
  • Sarah Brightman
  • Spandau Ballet
  • St Etienne
  • Star in the Hood
  • Take That
  • Tinchy Stryder
  • The Feeling
  • The Kooks
  • The Pope/Vatican
  • The Saturdays
  • The Wanted
  • Timbaland
  • We Love Pop Magazine
Music Labels/Festivals
  • Universal Music Group
  • Universal Group Partnerships
  • EMI Ecords
  • Island Records
  • MTV Networks
  • Motown
  • World Circuit Records
  • Glastonbury
  • Ford Transit tours
  • Harvest at Jimmy's
  • Escot Sounds
  • Brighton Hip Hop Festival
  • Crawley International Mela
  • Arts Council England
  • The Barbican
  • V&A Museum
  • Impact Arts
  • Disaster Designs
  • Kala Phool
  • Moti Roti
  • Enid Blyton’s Famous Five
  • Dragon Blood Pirates
  • Corum Life
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Blaze Design
  • The Unit
  • RedCow
  • JJ Stereo
  • Love Live
  • SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
  • Aquatica
  • Discovery Cove
  • Manta Ray
  • Sesame Street
  • Wild Things
  • Worlds of Discovery Florida
  • Dell E-ward’s Circle of Excellence
  • Go Wight (Isle of Wight)
  • Visit Brighton
  • Kleenex + Small Luxury Hotels
  • Budget Car Rental
  • National Car Rental
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Andrex
  • Andrex puppy
  • Scottex/Page
  • Bertolli
  • Kleenex
  • Kotex
  • Marmite
  • Mini Babybel
  • Slim.Fast
  • Volvic
  • The Body Shop
  • Carpet Right
  • Sussex Partnership NHS Trust
  • Langley Green Hospital
  • Chalkhill
  • Novartis Milbemax
  • Richmond Pharmaceutical
Toys and Film
  • Mattel
  • Hot Wheels
  • Barbie
  • Disney Cars
  • Disney Planes
  • Bloxels
  • Fisher-Price Little People
  • Baby Annabell
  • My Password Journal
  • Meccano (Spykee)
  • Bandai (Tamagotchi)
  • Geox trainers
  • Bridge to Terabithia
  • Comic Relief
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • International Animal Rescue
  • World Hepatitis Awareness Day
  • Crawley Hockey Club
And many more clients and sectors.


visual design : digital : user experience : design sprint : soft / hard interface : UI : UX : CX : HMI : agile : kanban : design sprint : user research : observation: interviews : exercises : workshops: ideation : web : apps : product : software : concepts : prototypes : motion graphics : illustration : art : a drawing a day


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