Award-winning digital projects made at creative, marketing agencies, digital transformation consultancies, and software companies.
Lead experience across many aspects of digital, creating memorable designs and intuitive solutions for well-known clients across the globe.

End-to-end design and delivery of projects, with initial research, product development, strategy, initial designs through to creative concepts and final execution.
The full gamut of digital design, from brand and identity, creative, campaign related work, through to functional websites, native apps, complex SAAS applications, in-person service flows and even electronics.

Cohesive design across multiple touchpoints B2B, B2B2C, B2C as well as internal projects.

Recent work

I was Senior UX Designer at BORN Group, working as UX Design Lead on extensive digital transformation for O2 Telefónica Germany. I also worked on other large-scale international consultation projects and bids.

I am immediately available to work on any Product, UX/UI, Service, or Creative projects.

Portfolio CHanges

I am reworking the website so some things will be moving around. I am currently adding the case studies back in.

Note: Some projects are not publicly shown 🔒.


Please get in touch to find out more about projects and work examples. Or say hello on LinkedIn.


User Experience + User Interface + Digital Product + Service + User Research + Visual Design + Creative + Concepts + Brand + Strategy + Web + Ecommerce + Retail + Conversion Rate + Marketing + Content + Communications + Advertising + Native Apps + Software + SAAS + ERP + HMI + Illustration + Artworks + Icons + Typeface + Animation + Offline + Print


Nirmal is a very well liked member of the team at Born XDS; both by colleagues, and clients alike. His role as senior experience consultant benefits the business through his creative flair, level-headed mindset, expertise in UX and UI - amongst many other qualities. All of which he's demonstrated by playing lead roles on key client accounts, including complex domains such as Telco.

He is someone that appreciates the creative process, has deep empathy for others, and a respect for the craft of his and others' roles. In short - highly recommended!
Simon D
Experience Director at Born Group
I had the pleasure of working with Nirmal at BORN XDS, he is a hard working, talented ux designer and very reliable team member. He is extremely creative and doesn't shy to take on complex problems and come up various solutions to approach it.

He has managed senior stakeholders and has maintained great relationships with clients throughout his tenure. He is great to work with and would be a valuable asset to any team!
Angira C
Associate Experience Director, EMEA at BORN Group
I had the pleasure of working with Nirm at iSalon, which is a SaaS company. Nirm is very creative and was an excellent design partner to work with. He has a natural passion for creating elegant software and simplifying the user experience. His approachable nature encourages the engineers to collaborate with him and produce great products together.
Shereen M
Senior Engineering Manager, at Beacon
I had the pleasure of working with Nirm for several years when we were at iSalon. He was extremely diligent in nature, getting into the detail of what was required from his design, and always wanting to provide options that we could take further. He was always going above and beyond, even learning to code to fill gaps in our team.

And of course he was highly creative - his work took our product on in leaps and bounds, arguably well above anything our competitors were doing at the time. Above all though, he was a friendly character who got on with everyone, and helped to bring the whole office together. An asset to any business!
Chuen-Man C
Technical Architect at Flui Technologies
Nirm was very exciting to work with, he is a very creative person who is full of ideas and extremely technically competent. He redesigned a plethora of existing software and data-heavy products with great success as well as leading the way for developers to create interfaces for all-new cloud products, all with the user placed at the centre of the design.

Nirm is also a great personality to work with. Always positive and a very likeable character. It was a pleasure working with him.
Stuart P
Developer Team Leader, at SSSL
I worked with Nirmal at a web dev agency and he always worked hard and produced the goods.
Great design and UX! He’s also a great guy and a pleasure to work with.
David B
Chief Design Officer / Site Studio at Acquia
Nirm is a highly creative designer and front end developer, and a very likeable guy. I employed Nirm at Blaze Design for over 5 years, initially as a web designer. Although his role expanded to include a multitude of online disciplines, along with project and freelance management.

His experience, confidence and talent ensured that Blaze delivered outstanding work to its clients. Nirm is comfortable client facing and working alone or as part of a team. Nirm would be a great asset to any business.
John N
Managing Director at Blaze Design, now digital nomad
I had the pleasure of working alongside Nirm for over 4 years. We worked on a number of projects together, where his design and UX skills really helped to deliver above and beyond the client expectations.

His skills include product, illustration, design and user experience and can happily deliver quality work time and time again. I miss working with Nirm, he never failed to make the days enjoyable and he'd be a credit to any team in the future.
Pete H
Developer & Technical Consultant @ / Owner & Technical Lead @
Nirm is an incredibly creative yet practical designer. His experience, skill and ability to stay calm under pressure mean he is a fantastic asset to any creative team.

During his time at The Unit I never saw anything other than 100% dedication to any task required. Good in front of clients and a supportive and considerate member of my team, I would recommend Nirm to any potential employer.
Jim M
Managing Director, The Unit GB
Nirmal is an engine
Nick B
Delivery Director, The Unit GB
I had the privilege to work with Nirmal for many years and he not only has the incredible ability to focus and do a job well but to make the work environment a fun and enjoyable place. He is an incredibly skilled artist in his own right and he uses that creativity in his computer work. There is no problem he can’t solve once he sets out to do so, and he has always been willing to help me with anything I need help with.

He is a very adaptable and knowledgeable team player, a pleasure to work with and also very motivated working on his own. I’m very glad to have worked with him and he’s the first person I’d go to if I needed his skills.
Shelley A
Creative, at Blaze Design
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Nirmal Dhiman giving a talk at Pecha Kucha
Nirmal Dhiman giving a talk about illustration at Pecha Kucha


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