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I am working on a new web-based portfolio, along with the latest crop of work examples.

Until that goes live, here is a link for an interim collection of arworks and illustrations.
I’ll be adding to the examples found here.

Section 1 – Astronauts, Knight, Batman
Section 2 – Car, Spacecraft, Tripod
Section 3 – Life drawing
Section 4 – Landscapes
Section 5 – Visual Diary drawings (from 27 year-long, daily drawing project)
Section 6 – Illustrations shown on Le Book
Section 7 – Book illustration, photo collage, vector illustrations

View interim portfolio (Figma)

Viewing tips

Once you have the Figma link open
You can pan around the canvas with your mouse

Zoom In = ‘CTRL’ or ‘CMD’ key and ‘+’ key 

Zoom Out = ‘CTRL’ or ‘CMD’ key and ‘-’ key