• Dell European employee engagement platform

    25 June 2023
    European employee engagement platform with performance points, staff leaderboard, with online shop and fulfilment
  • Moda internal API platform

    25 June 2023
    Internal platform to setup and configure each customer's account, their specific settings and for each of their locations
  • Moda ERP SAAS system

    25 June 2023
    Brand new cloud-based SAAS consisting of multiple software modules used by customers to run single or multi-premises businesses
  • Bookings website and CMS

    25 June 2023
    Set of mobile-first booking widgets and websites that can be configured and branded via a CMS
  • EPOS UX audit and redesign

    25 June 2023
    UX audit and comprehensive design transformation of an established EPOS system to make it easier to learn and use, and…
  • MU website publishing system

    2 June 2023
    MU website publishing system to allow creative websites, digital experiences, mini-social networks and fan experiences, e-commerce click-throughs, CD-ROM content, audio/video…